BMW-M1 Hommage Concept - green technology inside

BMW-M1 Hommage Concept

Citing an unnamed insider "privy to BMW's plans," Auto car is reporting today that BMW's previously announced focus on green technology will yield the BMW Z10 ED, a flagship that will showcase new drive lines, electronics and body construction. The Z10 ED will be a two-seater costing around $105,000, developed by BMW's Technic division, and sold in limited numbers.

By utilizing its carbon fiber construction techniques, BMW intends the Z10 to weigh no more than 3,087 pounds. Moving forward from just carbon fiber body panels, BMW's engineers have found a way to combine several pieces of the frame into a single sub-assembly. They are also exploring integrated door frames and sill panels to lower curb weight and improve rigidity.

Engine possibilities include a high-pressure turbocharged direct-injected straight six-cylinder making a projected 400-hp. That engine could replace the 3.0-liter in the current BMW lineup. The engine has been conceived in two variations: a conventional mechanical valve system with BMW's VANOS variable valve timing, and another with an electronic valve control that allows a variable compression ratio.

The Z10 ED will also feature stop-start technology, a generator, and brake energy regeneration engineered to story energy in a lithium-ion battery. All of these technologies will filter down to the higher volume BMW models, if all goes according to plan.