2012 Nissan 370Z Coupe

Dynamic design 370Z Coupe offers dual benefits - an aggressive look and a lightweight and very stiff to improve performance. Appearance tense includes intentional stylistic 240Z, a sleek aerodynamic shape, "dynamic motion" feel with a dramatic, perpendicular to the roof and the "low gravity of view."

The FM platform offers a base 370Z Coupe refined, well-proportioned body, with a wheelbase of 100.4 inches, the length of 167.2 inches overall, 72.6 inches wide and 51.8 inches, giving appearance of a classic sports car and feel. The body has aluminum panels of the door with an aluminum hood and an aluminum door. A front suspension cradle is designed to help reduce the body before lateral flexion (relative to the design of the previous generation), while structural reinforcements and rear underbody "V-bar" to help reduce the rear lateral bending. The design also uses a carbon fiber radiator cover reinforced composite and the rear fender and hatch areas.

A sleek silhouette is defined by its upswept design quarter window is an echo of the dynamic upward curvature in the lower rocker panel and a sense of the same sheet metal stretched around the wheels and chassis. Another special feature is a bold look headlight / taillight treatment, which takes the form "boomerang". High Intensity Discharge (HID) Xenon headlights feature automatic dual / off is standard. Intense and broad-shouldered rear shape is highlighted the integration of boomerang taillights and wide, flared rear fenders. The attention to detail and functionality is evident throughout the exterior, including a flashing (repeater lamp) side marker lamp / emblem.

2012 Nissan 370Z Coupe
Drag coefficient is 0.30 (0.29 Sport Package). 370Z front linkage is also zero, and zero rear lift with rear spoiler, thanks to numerous aerodynamic efforts - including the "inverse area" front bumper design which smooths the airflow sides of the vehicle, while the design Rear control maximizes airflow from the ceiling behind the door.

Performance body pieces are available in the optional sports package, including a front spoiler and rear wing. 2012-370Z is offered in seven exterior colors: Pearl White, Monterey Blue, Brilliant Silver, Magnetic Black, Solid Red, Gun Metallic and black cherry.