For years, Honda was the best-selling car in Canada. Spending time in the eighth generation of the model and the reason for its enduring success is not difficult to understand. Not only is the right size, it is something that many of his peers lack - fun-drive quotient is surprisingly high for something that is not enough pestilential sports car (It starts).
2011 Honda Civic Coupe
2011 Honda Civic Coupe

Mortal Coupe is powered by a 1.8-liter iVTEC Honda four features variable valve gear. This puts 140 horsepower and 128 pound-feet of torque is available to the driver. If this engine is distinguished by many is that you love rev and rev And again, stands for the noise it makes when it reaches for redline is far from being a thrash. Moreover, the conditions of 100 km per hour for the clock to 8.4 seconds and turn the 80-to-100 kmh passing move in 6.9 seconds. However, when the accelerator pedal is not buried, is equally at home prowling in the neighborhood - a short trip through the five-speed manual gearbox maximizes economy. In this case, I had a test average of 7.1 l/100 km, which is pretty good, it was considered Scrooge approved.

Manual transmission has also refined the engine. Gate Shifter is well established, the shoots are short and light clutch bites perfect location. In this regard, it is as good as any front-wheel-drive transmission gets. If you do not want to be, but it would be more than five, or six-speed gearbox better. This decrease in the number of revolutions of 3000 rpm highway for something a little 'more relaxed. It is a five-speed automatic slack available to us.

Of course, if not wide enough, senior If the bet by the use of four frantic running 2.0L 197 horsepower and 139 lb-ft of torque. Reduce the acceleration time by a piece of size, shaving almost two seconds from zero to 100 kmh dash.

SE is a true delight in a corner. The front struts, double wishbone rear anti-roll bars at both ends combine to make up almost all unwanted body motion without beating the runners on a difficult road. When prompted, SE-hunks straight down like P205/55R16 tires provide the grip required. She is such that understeer remains at arm's length, which is a pleasant departure from the usual front-wheel drive. Similarly, the steering balance. At low speeds, it is light, but IT companies up though the pace ramps driver training. The last part of the dynamic equation is found in the anti-lock brakes. Not only do they stop (40.1 meters 100 km / h), the pedal is easily modulated, which keeps unwanted intervention at bay.

Money for a car that at least $ 20,000, there is nothing better, despite the absence of a PDA at the base and SE models is a glaring omission.

Inside, the coupe is attractive and functional. Unlike many, I like the configuration of the board of two levels and is divided into two segments for easy reading of information. The upper level contains the speedometer with fuel and temperature gauges, the houses of the lower half of the tachometer and secondary information.
2011 Honda Civic Coupe
2011 Honda Civic Coupe

The design is not perfect. First I would like to see the key warning light located in the upper level and not buried deep in the bottom layer. Second, I do not like the digital speedometer - it flashes away like there's no tomorrow. I honestly do not know if I drive at 51 or 52 km / h. That said, there is not much to complain. The front seats are comfortable and boldly enhanced, there are plenty of leeway, a lot of margin of safety - in spite of SE Sunroof - and travel enough space is needed to accommodate a larger driver. Throw in the driver's seat adjustable for height and tilt and telescopic steering wheel and establish the right driving position is a breeze.

Other bonuses SE is that the cabin plastic rings. Two-tone black / titanium dash fascia not only brightens the appearance, quality plastic gives a feeling of wealth. This eliminates one of the common complaints found in many reviews of cars at affordable prices.

So far there is nothing to say until we check the list of features - the lack of heated seats and Bluetooth stand out. These devices are standard features on many major competitors Cup. Move to the rear and 2 +2 coupe was born kind of access to the rear seat is a little task, especially for those old bones creak like mine, and once there, the limits are tight. The seat is best used to store a file. No complaints about the tribe. It is equipped with the necessary split / folding seats, 11.5 cubic feet squared-off and lift more than low enough.

The SE Coupe delivers great value despite the omission of material. It has style, even if you sit at the point of replacement, performance is great, fuel economy is great and handles like Dickens. Not a bad combination.
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